You are offered various specialized software extension modules to increase the potential of the versatile eLitho and eDraw software:

  • image analysis
    measuring and analyzing the data of captured images
  • multi-pass scanning
    milling and deposition of structures by multiple steps
  • enhanced stage handling
    capacious controlling of the microscope stage
  • stitching
    separating layouts for stage stitching
  • advanced capture
    rapid capture functionality for microscope adjustment and process documentation
  • live lithography
    in situ designing and writing of structures by means of acquired snapshots
  • scripting
    automation of complex lithography tasks by editing control sequences
  • proximity correction (EBL)
    avoiding the negative influence of the proximity effect on dose-critical structures
  • drift correction
    compensation for drift during long term processes
  • etch profile (FIB)
    recording sample current and detector-signal for determination of the etch-progress
  • global microscope parameter set
    changing complete sets of microscope parameters during processing
  • 3D-surface
    converting and processing height encoded data for 3 dim structures