The graphical user interface for pattern arrangement and process control is especially suited to managing the challenges of R&D. You can use it to design all your process steps and test them offline. eLitho supports, in addition to eDraw, the planning and execution of multi-step lithography processes.

The software concept is based on the idea of a virtual counterpart to real sample on the main window of the program. This virtual sample is used to configure the lithography-process, to control its operation and to document the sessions.


  • eLitho - Control SoftwareSupported platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

  • Clearly arranged graphical user interface

  • Extremely flexible and clear parameter management; multiple lithography sessions consisting of arbitrary structures can be arranged, saved and loaded offline at which the parameters (dose values, dose series, pixel-spacing, delay between elements and alignment configuration) can be chosen freely

  • Full depth undo/redo functionality

  • Intuitive sample-adjustment feature for connecting the coordinate-systems of virtual sample and stage to allow for navigation and measurement

  • Automatic focus tracing for altering stage positions

  • Graphical process design and parameter configuration

  • SEM/FIB simulation for offline testing of the exposure

  • Direct integration of SEM/FIB and stage control

  • Image capture with brightness and contrast optimization; the images can be saved in various formats (TIFF, PNG, BMP or JPEG) and loaded again

  • Semi-automatic high accuracy alignment for multi-level lithography; maskable image acquisition, configurable coordinates of the marks and correction method

  • Visual process documentation

  • Automatic generation of session log-files